Do you prefer sweet or salty? Well luckily with all the goodness being created in-house over at Chocolate Pizazz, a gourmet chocolate shop, we won’t force you to choose! We all know that the combining of sweet and salty flavor profiles is not a newly found concept, however, what owners Helen Ewing and Jeri Wolf are doing over at their place (located not too far from Memorial City Mall) is something special. The recipes appear to be so simple, yet I still look at the four-tiered Caramel Pretzel Bark in pure amazement as if it has diamonds pinned along the rim. As if the name didn’t give it away, Chocolate Pizazz is all about the chocolate. And anyone who is all about chocolate is all about the things that matter most in life…yep, eating chocolate. From their sinful Popcorn Pizazz varieties which are a sweet tooth’s dream, to the Marshmallow Pizazz rods that reminds me of popsicles, they have just about every chocolate craving imagined covered. If an addiction was a justifiable emotional, then you would hit rock bottom here. You will be hard pressed to find something that won’t become your all time fave and although I haven’t gotten the opportunity to sample everything, you can best believe I am trying.

Caramel Pretzel Bark

You could rob me blind and I wouldn’t notice if I happen to be indulging in one of these hunks of burning love. The highlight of this sweet treat is the precise layering of each ingredient and the texture. You bite in and the first thing that grabs you is the quality of the chocolate. The milk chocolate is very creamy and rich and immediately catches the bottom of your mouth. Next, you come across the crunchy pretzel. It is fresh, not stale and is big enough to make its presence known. The caramel is next in line and becomes the salt that you are waiting for. Last but definitely not least, they hit you with a layer of chocolate again; just to seal the deal. I call it poetry in motion and give high praise to the ladies at Chocolate Pizazz on the balance of the bark. With this treat, all layers are created equal. The chocolate provide the sweetness, the pretzel gives you the perfect crunch, and the caramel adds the salty factor. What else does a woman need?

Original Chocolate Popcorn

You really feel like a kid in the candy store with this one. It’s like I got the chance to pick my favorite snacks, add them into a big bowl, and drizzle chocolate on them! The fact that Chocolate Pizazz uses chocolate as the binding agent to adhere the rainbow-colored M&M’s to the popcorn, is just genius. Okay, maybe they won’t win the Nobel Peace Prize, but maybe they should? Let’s break down the popcorn so we can relive it together; shall we. First, the popcorn is great. It is fluffy and although it doesn’t add much salt to the treat, it provides that soft texture (with an added small crunch at the end) that makes it a winner. Milk chocolate is then drizzled, with a heavy hand in my opinion, onto the popcorn. Where does the salt factor come from? Glad you asked – it is added in by blending small pieces of milk chocolate toffee into the mix. That adds to the crunch of a treat that has already obtained the ideal texture from the popcorn itself. I call that…winning!

Chocolate Potato Chips

By now you are putting this all together and understand my love for the polar opposites: sweet and salty. I think the chocolate potato chips are the quintessential example of the ultimate sweet and salty treat. I am not quite sure you can obtain the type of crunch that comes from potato chips by using any other ingredient. It is something only a fried and thinly sliced potato can deliver. Chocolate Pizazz uses a “wavy” potato chip similar to the texture of Ruffles. Choosing a wavy chip was a smart move as you need something that is going to withstand the weight of the chocolate. This also allows the chocolate to find its way in between each ridge, which takes the treat to the next level. But wait! The Chocolate Potato Chips don’t solely contain just chips. They include pretzels, pecans, and M&M’s. The buttery pecans add to my little hodgepodge surprise and I love it!

Chocolate Pizazz is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. They cater not only to those that want to pick up a small snack to enjoy alone or with the family. They also provide gifts and other options for companies and even great options for weddings. You should take a peep at their beaded moon pies or dazzle your wedding guests with your own white chocolate covered pretzels topped with glitter. With Easter right around the corner, they are also swamping out their multi-colored M&M’s for those pretty pastel ones. There online shop will give you an idea of the many sweet treats they offer and they ship nationwide. They are dipping Twinkies in chocolate over there…geez, just go!


Chocolate Pizazz
9055 Gaylord Street #108
Houston, TX. 77024
(713) 932-0991

– Shanna “Urban Girl” Jones

Shanna Jones

Shanna is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food and travel.


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