Chili! Cheese! Fries! All can stand alone and create such a bold, and may I add delicious statement. However, why in the hell would we just stop there; let’s go for the serious “shut the yum up” moment! Yes, we are talking Chili Cheese Fries are in the house. Judge me if you must, but I am crazy in love with chili cheese fries. I’ve heard this dish referred to as junk food, comfort food and even drunk food (I will not confirm or deny this one)- but for me, it’s happy food. It’s one of those dishes that always makes me feel better and always makes me smile.

Many of my friends will say I’m a CCF (short for chili cheese fries) hard ass, which I adamantly deny. I just like what I like and have high standards when it comes to my CCF! I look for a well seasoned and hearty chili. The chili needs to be able to support the fries and the cheese mixture. The fries need to be crispy before adding the chili, or you will have a sloppy soppy mess as soon as you get it, and who wants that! As far as the cheese goes, I’m pretty open. The only thing I require is that cheese blankets are covering my fries! Yes, I need the cheese to chili ratio to be a bit higher.

Since I’m not alone in this love for fries smothered with chili and cheese, I thought I’d share a few spots that just do it for me…

State Fare Chili Cheese Fries

Holding The Number One Spot

State Fare is one of my go-to spot for many things, but their chili cheese fries will give you life with no parole! The fries are hand-cut, then cover with their famous chili, queso blanco, cheddar cheese and fresh jalapeño. #LifeGiven

When I Want A Burger Too

The Burger Shack is where I go when I’m in the mood for more traditional CCF, and I also want a burger. They smother the fries with a classic chili and shredded Wisconsin cheddar cheese. #ClassicGoodness

Bernie’s Burger Bus Green Chili Cheese Fries

Sometimes I Like My Chile Green

When I want good green chile (like real green chile peppers) queso fries I go to Bernie’s Burger Bus. However, I wish, hope, and beg for them to add the green chili fries they featured as one of their monthly specials (pictured above) to the menu permanently. The fries were covered with green pork chili and the green chile queso. #PleaseAddToTheMenu

The Naked Fry Chili Cheese Fries

Food Trucks Have Good CCF

The Naked Fry Food Truck which can be found parked at Bernie’s Backyard does many different loaded fries. But my favorite is definitely their CCF. They are kinda the wild card in the mix of places I like because their fries are thinner than I usually like and so is the chili for that matter. But when they add the cheese mixture and top it all off with the fresh white onions it just works! #ThatCheeseTho

Do you like chili cheese fries as much as I do? What are some of  your go to spots that I need to check out? Please leave you recommendations in the comments ❤! 

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