For those who are drawn to chocolate as I am, you most likely have come to appreciate and understand that all chocolate is not created equal. From milk to dark to white, and even down to the chocolates’ region, the taste, texture, colors, smell, level of creaminess, and quality will vary. So when I had an opportunity to sample the Swiss chocolate from Cailler, there was zero hesitation. This 200-year-old brand is the oldest Swiss chocolate maker still in existence, and were the first brand to produce milk chocolate. If you’ve been doing it for that long, you must be doing it right!

Truth be told, I get excited when opening a box of chocolates. Maybe it’s the enjoyment in the selection process and deciding which piece of chocolate to choose first (there is a skill to this and is similar to choosing players for your basketball team). Or maybe it’s the fun in guessing which will be my favorite and which will confirm that my senses of sight and taste do work in a tandem. It does help that there is a vivid description of each chocolate included with the packaging so there is no need to guess the “mystery” piece of chocolate.

Upon opening my Signature Selection box, I found the Cailler chocolates to be visually enticing varying from wrapped chocolates, to those topped with roasted and salted almonds (the nuts used in the chocolate are roasted in-house), to others that were either enclosed in an artistic design or blended with caramel, hazelnut creme, or crispy wafers. With an assortment pulling from four flavor profiles (caramel, milk chocolate, praline, and dark chocolate), the smooth and creamy texture of each “bon bon” remained present. Their mild buttery notes made it difficult to not eat the entire box in one sitting which is why Cailler represents the benchmark by which all chocolates should be compared.

They have just recently entered the US market and are now available on Amazon. The chocolates are available in 16 and 25-piece boxes ($24.90 or $34.90), and come in four assortments: the signature selection, milk chocolate, praline, and dark chocolate.


We have partnered with Cailler for a giveaway just in time for the holidays! And we know there is someone in your life that would love a box of super premium chocolates as a gift, or you could just keep them for yourself!


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