Two things that I love in this world are good barbeque and the next is some good barbequed brisket. It would be great if I could count that as one thing instead of two, but in this city of THRISTY ASS (dry for these that don’t speak Urban Swank) BRISKET that is not possible! Don’t get me wrong, there are many good spots for BBQ, but they all don’t necessarily have good brisket. As I understand it, mastering this hunk of meat is not an easy task. I guess you can liken it to someone that trains in the art of Kung Fu working toward a black belt. You earn that belt once you demonstrate a good understanding of the basics and can move on to more complicated styles and techniques.

So imagine my excitement when we received an email months ago, bragging about a food truck in Cypress, that claimed to have some of the best brisket in the city. The truck is Brooks’ Place their slogan, “Quality Tells The Truth”. Well I am here to tell the truth and nothin’ but the truth…their BBQ & brisket are FABULOUS!!! I ordered the 2 meat plate with ribs and brisket, plus it came with 2 sides; I selected baked beans and potato salad. This was easily enough food for two people – didn’t feel like sharing so I had the rest for dinner that evening. I did not want to be disappointed, so I tried everything on my plate before being brave enough to try the brisket.

The ribs were delicious as they fell off the bone. Next up was the potato salad, which I must admit was not a hit for me. I felt it lacked favor and the potatoes were undercooked. To be fair I tried it again on another visit, and again no magic. The baked beans however were another story altogether. It was love at first bite, and it had nothing to do with the little pieces of chopped brisket in the beans (okay maybe a teeny bit).  Finally, it was time for me to taste the brisket, which I got a sneak preview of with my beans. This brisket was cooked low and slow, and would make any brisket lover smile or cry tears of joy because it was just that good. Now to be fair, I’ve had the brisket several times, and have had a mix of lean pieces and fatty pieces – I am still singing their praises for having moist, tender, and flavor packed brisket. Mr. Brooks knows a few things about BBQ and briskets. I would venture to say this gentleman is a black belt or in Texas BBQ speak… a Pit Master (why does part of me want to say, “You’ve learned well grasshopper!”).

Brooks’ Place is open five days a week and they are parked in front of the Ace Hardware store on FM 529 and Barker Cypress. Now they are definitely not inside the loop or anywhere near it, but we all don’t live inside the loop! So get off your wanny-fannies and make your way northwest. Trust me-it’s worth the drive!


Brooks’ Place
18020 FM 529 Rd. Cypress, Texas 77433

Felice "Swanky Girl" Sloan

Felice is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food, beauty, and fashion.


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