Admittedly, Brick and Spoon wasn’t love at first bite. My initial experience left a lot to be desired and the lack of great or even good service and “just okay” fare were most likely the culprits. However, it seems that every subsequent experience has been more impressive than the previous. I’ve visited Brick and Spoon four times now and I can say their breakfast, lunch and brunch are bordering the lines of perfection. What has changed? Better service for sure, but the food is better too! And after talking with one of the new chefs who came out to get the opinion of my guest and I, I knew changes were being made in the back of the house as well as the front.

Originating out of Lafayette, I had high expectations (and that goes for really anything born out of Louisiana where seasoning is king). The menu is filled with Southern, Cajun, and Creole dishes but doesn’t settle on one over the other. One of my favorite things about Brick and Spoon is they serve breakfast through the lunch hour. So on the days that I miss my cup of coffee and scrambled eggs, I drop in for my go to Crab & Sweet Pepper Scrambler (made with crab meat, onions, peppers, corn and topped with their house Mornay Sauce) and the Briochè French Toast; the Killer Creole Omelet is worth a mention as well especially if you love Tasso like I do.

I enjoy the American Breakfast too, but I can honestly say it is not the eggs or the pecan smoke bacon that keep me coming back. It’s the side of Roasted Corn Grits that highlight and intertwine the subtle sweetness of the corn with the mild and creamy (yet thick) texture of the grits. For lunch, and because I could eat mac and cheese every day, the Shrimp & Tasso (Mac and Cheese) alternative is a superb option. My love for Tasso quickly takes a back seat when smoked Gouda Mornay Sauce & truffle oil are introduced.

With all that “good”, I do need to share a “bad”. Even after visiting several times, the beignets still fall short. They’re not horrible, but you get better in Louisiana. If they were a bit lighter, it would balance out these fried fritters because the flavor is there. Oh well, when everything else on the menu fits the bill, it’s hard to complain.

I’m personally not a fan of the Bloody Mary but I’ve heard great things about the “big ass” built-to-order options from Brick and Spoon. You choose from 10 or so spirits, veggie options like pickles and carrots can be added, then you select additions like habanero Tabasco to spice it up. And for good measure, which basically turns this morning concoction into a full-fledged meal, add some bacon or shrimp. 


Brick and Spoon-Montrose
1312 West Alabama
Houston, TX 77006

Shanna Jones

Shanna is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food and travel.


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