With the ever changing menus at Sorrel Urban Bistro, they often find themselves searching for new and creative ideas using the wonderful local products that they procure from our growers, raisers and catchers. It’s an effort to be creative, but also an effort to enhance and never cover the high quality of the products they receive. One way they do this is by using spice mixes to add flavor and interest to seemingly regular menu items. This recipe is from for Chef Michael Nutt and it is for Berbere.  Most people in the new world have never heard of this everyday spice mix from the Horn of Africa.  Used in stews, meat rubs, oils and pastes, it is an essential spice blend for any Ethiopian kitchen and it is not uncommon for people to have their own family recipes.

Berbere Spice Blend:

Makes a little over 1 cup, but will last in an airtight container in cooler for about 2 months.

½ tsp Fenugreek 
½ cup Ground Dried Smoked Chili’s
¼ cup Paprika
2 tbs Kosher Salt
1 tsp Powdered Ginger
1 tsp Powdered Onion
½ tsp Ground Cardamom
½ tsp Ground Coriander Seeds
¼ tsp Ground Nutmeg
¼ tsp Powdered Garlic
1/8 tsp Ground Cloves
1/8 tsp Ground Cinnamon
1/8 tsp Ground Allspice

Toast all ingredients in a pan and then grind in a Coffee Grinder.

Herbed Crème Fraiche:

Store bought Crème Fraiche or Sour Cream 
Chopped Chives, Sage, Marjoram and Parsley
Mix all ingredients adding together to taste

Rub Pork Tenderloin with cooking oil and just enough Berbere Spice Mix to coat.
Sear Pork Tenderloin on all side in a hot sautee pan.
Place in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes or until just done.

To serve place the herbed Crème Fraiche on the bottom of the plate, slice the Pork Tenderloin and Fan out on over the Herbed Crème Fraiche.


Recipe received from Sorrel Urban Bistro.

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