Soon after the announcement of the Benjy’s on Washington fall menu, Benjy’s announced their new brunch menu. Our visit to Benjy’s on Washington for the Fall Menu Media Preview was a great experience and we were just as excited to try what they had in store for brunch. In previous years, brunch was a meal to be had on Sundays and was a time where families traded in the family dining table for one at a local restaurant. Today, the term “brunch” doesn’t belong to just Sundays anymore. Now you can take part in a great brunch on Saturdays and even on Fridays (not available at Benjy’s)! Like breakfast, brunch is one of the most important meals of the day. Although later in the day than a weekday breakfast, it still satisfies your morning hunger. Being able to mix the traditional breakfast items, like scrambled eggs and French toast, with those that are not so traditional, like steak, is one of the many reasons brunch has developed such a presence in the dining scene.

On October 29, 2011, Benjy’s on Washington started serving Saturday brunch. We were excited about this menu and not just because it is one of our preferred places to dine. We were excited about the farm to market concept and wondered how that would play into the new brunch offerings. Boy were we in for a treat! The new brunch menu is a great mix and includes many of the traditional brunch dishes that are a must have for a Southern style breakfast. With dishes like biscuits and gravy and shrimp omelet’s you won’t be disappointed in anything you choose.

Not wanting to wait any more than we had to, we paid Benjy’s on Washington a visit during the first day of their Saturday brunch. The one item we knew we had to try was the biscuits and gravy, but we were torn between choosing something we had tried before versus something new – yep, typical foodie dilemma. Well, the biscuits and gravy won…this time! So, we started with the Housemade Biscuits and Hamburger Gravy. Next, we ordered the Crunchy Chicken and Waffles (with blueberry-banana compote, Steen’s Cane Syrup and Applewood smoked bacon) and the Braised Brisket Stack (with guacamole, cotija cheese, cilantro, and sour cream). We can honestly say we did not know what to expect from the brisket stack but our minds had already formed an internal image of what the chicken and waffles would be. So much for that because we were not as spot on as we thought.

The Crunchy Chicken and Waffles were actually chicken breasts with a nutty outside. The Braised Brisket Stacks were an awesome take on a tostado (minus the refried beans). The lightly fried flour tortilla topped with the amazingly tender and savory pieces of brisket were pure heaven. This was the highlight of the brunch. Although not noted on the menu, this dish is topped with an “over easy” egg. Overall, our brunch was great and we can’t wait to try the remaining new selections.

Other notable new items on the menu include the Shrimp Skillet (with potatoes, market eggs, tomato fondue, and jalapeño biscuits), the Egg White Clay Pot (with roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, house salsa, and sautéed spinach), the Chocolate Chunk Bacon Waffles served (with whipped cream and strawberries), and the Lump Crab and Truffled Asparagus Toast (with spinach, fried eggs, and piquillo pepper puree). Sounds like a great rendition of a breakfast sandwich! We were tempted to reach over the booth next to ours to ask for a taste of the chocolate chunk waffles, but that would have been very inappropriate. A food envy moment for sure…lol!

Benjy’s has out done themselves again delivering a solid and consistently tasty brunch menu. Benjy’s on Washington never disappoints and is a top choice for brunch on Sunday, and now Saturdays. You can check out the menu here and if you want to read up on our coverage of the new fall menu, you can view that here as well. Saturday and Sunday brunch is available between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for both Benjy Houston locations.

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