I can’t recall exactly when I enjoyed quiche for the first time, but that one taste is all it took for this savory French dish to become a constant fixture in my list of favorite things to eat. I can admit that I eat quiche, on average, at least one per week. What’s not to love about a buttery and flaky pastry crust filled with a creamy yet delicate mixture off eggs, cream (or milk), cheese, and a host of other goodies like meats, seafood and veggies? I figured we would be on the same page.

I still give La Madeleine bragging rights for being my first, but these six restaurants are the reason I just can’t get enough. They may vary in texture, thickness, and even the ratio of fresh ingredients to egg, but these spots are the reason I am crazy about quiche!

Salmon Quiche from Flo Paris

Flo Paris

Flo Paris offers a nice variety of quiches, and unlike some others that stick with the traditional Lorraine (made with lardons, bacon, or ham) or Florentine (spinach), you’ll also find wonderful flavors in their Salmon, Sundried Tomato & Feta Cheese, and Eggplant & Mozzarella. I typically go for the Salmon that comes fully loaded with chunks of flaky salmon and roasted tomatoes.

Foody’s Gourmet

Foody’s Gourmet is close to my office so it receives the most love. I am known to grab four quiches to tide me over for the week and although they offer a Sundried Tomato, a Smoked Salmon, and a Lorraine version, I always go for the Spinach. They are served in individual pies and tend to be a lot creamier than others, which I love.

Vegetarian Quiche from Common Bond

Common Bond

Common Bond is probably on everyone’s list for something, like their chocolate walnut cookies which are to die for, but their quiche is certainly not to be missed. I have yet to try their Lorraine but their Vegetarian quiche is crazy good. They use feta as the cheese which adds a bit of tanginess along with garlic sauteed spinach and sliced forest mushrooms.


Canopy only offers one quiche but when you do it this well, you don’t need a entourage. The Canopy Quiche is made with farm greens, caramelized onions, and cheddar. It was probably one of the first quiches I feel hard for, and up until recently, you could order a version with bacon and sundried tomatoes at its sister restaurant Shade (which is now closed and revamped into Alice Blue). Canopy still offers a legit quiche and has for many years.

Quiche Florentine at The French House

The French House

I love the texture of the quiche at The French House and it scores very high on my list. As with Foody’s Gourmet, it tends to be on the creamier side which is actually my preference and they do not skimp on the cheese. They offer a Lorraine and Florentine version and both are amazing. You get a nice slice and can choose to pair your quiche with or without a salad.

Etta’s Kitchen

Although it is only available during the Sunday brunch at Etta’s Kitchen Pop Brunch at Bar 5015, I highly recommend the Deep Dish Crab Quiche. This seafood version comes in a giant and shareable slice and is generously filled sweet lumps of crab, spinach, chives, and a blend of creamy Swiss and Gruyere cheese that together create a nutty yet sweet bite. Absolute perfection!

A few other noteworthy restaurants where quiche is king is Croissant-Brioche, French Gourmet Bakery, and Angela’s Oven. Criossant-Brioche’s quiche is more “eggy” and not as creamy as I like but the flavor of the quiche is still very good. French Gourmet Bakery is always sold out when I go but I have had their quiche before and it is stellar. And perfect to grab a slice of quiche to go is Angela’s Oven. It’s a bit warm inside the bakery so enjoying it “on the run” is a better option.

Are you crazy for quiche? If so, where do you enjoy your favorites?

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Shanna Jones

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    September 19, 2017

    Shanna you have to go try the quiche at Cafe Brasil!! SO GOOD!

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      Shanna Jones

      September 27, 2017

      You know, I think I did try it once before. I’ll have to go back and refresh my memory! Thanks for the rec Erika. 🙂

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