In this series, I will share my love for watches and the designers and manufacturers that create some of my favorite timepieces. What attracts me to a watch? Although I think the craftmanship is super important, the bezel, dial, and band are the three things that get me excited. I treat my watch like I treat a pair of earrings and mascara – I never leave home without them!

Fashionably Late by Rakani is a watch collection that caught my eye due to their elegant, yet “made for any occasion” approach to their design. I found their watches to be serious but fun, which is important when you are seeking a watch that you can wear from dusk ’til dawn. The Fashionably Late collection is made up of five “lines” that are all focused on…you guessed it…time! Well, on second thought, those who “enjoy defying time” and that would definitely be me.

Have you ever been late for no real apparent reason and you knew you had to come up with some excuse to ease the situation? Or, you could be like me – I am always 5 minutes late to everything! Shoot me!

I found it super creative that Rakani aligned the many excuses we give for being late into each of the lines within the collection. Take the “Ish” line where Rakani completely does way with the numbers on the dial – who needs ’em anyway. It signifies that your arrival time may be “approximate”; like 6-ish or 8-ish. Or, take the “Stuck In Traffic” line that uses Swarovski crystals to simulate cars being stuck in traffic. The crystals are positioned between the 4 and 8 o’clock hour bars to symbolize the hectic nature of rush hour. The “What Time?” is pretty hot too. The fallen numbers lie jumbled at the bottom of the dial showing us that time is not always a priority and we should just go with the flow. “Right Around The Corner” and “Running Behind” are lines in the collection as well. A watch collection that adds a bit of humor to being late….how cool is that!?

Although I loved them all, my favorite line in the collection was the “+5”. I feel like I always need an extra five minutes and I am sure many of you would concur. And yes, sometimes it is just to make a “fashionably late” appearance! This line is simple but the red leather band, combined with the brushed finish of the bezel and the highlights of red captured in the hour bars on the clock face made this piece extra special. This is truly an everyday watch and the bright but clean colors made it a great piece to transition from day to night. Wear it to give your outfit that extra pop of color that it needs. Rock it with a set of silver bangles for added presence or wear it solo. It is beautiful enough to stand alone.

 Urban Swank did receive a complimentary sample from Rakani for a product review.
Rakani Lookbook

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