For SuitSupply, luxury isn’t just a big price ticket…it’s the entire experience. I recently sat down with Nish de Gruiter of SuitSupply and was able to learn a lot about the company and why he’s so passionate about it. SuitSupply has garnered much respect and many loyal followers. If you’ve never visited a SuitSupply store or shopped their web-store, the moment you do you’ll definitely see why so many are fans of the brand. With great price points and even better suiting options, there is something for EVERY man at SuitSupply. The stores are places where men would actually enjoy to shop, stop in and talk sports, and be privy to great customer service.

SuitSupply is a great fit for Houston and I’m excited to now have them in our city. Check out the interview and see what makes SuitSupply stand apart from other menswear retailers!

Background about you and SuitSupply and how you got started with the company?

My name is Nish de Gruiter and I head up the United States for SuitSupply. SuitSupply is a European menswear brand that has about 50 stores worldwide; from Milan, Amsterdam, New York, Dusseldorf. We opened our doors in New York in 2011 and right now this is the 9th store in the United States. Our business model, we are a vertically integrated retailer. That means that we buy and manufacture all of our fabrics in Italy, and then we design and produce in-house. There’s no middleman in between. You see companies like Zara and H&M have done this for a while now, but no one has done it on this level. When you come to our stores people help you out. We have a trained sales staff that are trained in-house. They go to a 2 month Suit School and learn all the ins and outs about a garment. It’s all about the fit! We pin you and measure you up in the store. 60% of all of the alterations are done for you in the store while you wait. We have a tailor in the middle of the store, kind of like an open kitchen. In the time you wait you can use free wifi, you can read, we offer you free coffee, or you can shop around and make sure that you have a complete outfit. (Personally, I tried on the Washington and loved the fit and the cut of the jacket… I think I may have found my new favorite!)

You said that Houston is your 9th US location, what made you decide on Houston as the next location for your store?

Big web-store traffic. There were a bunch of guys that came to New York since we opened and bought clothes from us. Then they would come back to Houston and tell others. In a period of 6 months, we saw the web-store traffic really take off. Me and the CEO came to Houston and we saw a guy exiting the plane with a SuitSupply bag and then we said, DONE!

Why West Ave?

We drove around the Galleria and saw that West Ave was new and fresh, it’s happening. It’s a very destination location. It’s young, it’s clean, this was an area for us that we felt very strongly about.

So what’s next for SuitSupply?

We just opened in Vegas, it’s a very cool store! Our next stop is Seattle and then we have some other stores in the pipeline like Boston and LA, of course.

What advice do you have for a person looking to get into menswear?

FIT, FIT FIT! It needs to fit right. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big guy, tall, skinny, it doesn’t matter it just needs to fit right. It’s all about how you carry yourself.

What are some of your favorite SuitSupply pieces?

I love a lot of the outerwear pieces, like the Merano coats; it’s my coat. We have it in red now as well. For the summer time I like to wear cotton suits, you can wear it dressy with a tie or casual with a hoodie.
Thank you to Nish de Gruiter for your time. It was great talking with you and getting to know more about you and SuitSupply.

Visit SuitSupply online here!

Dominique McGhee


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