Where are my denim people?!?! Well listen up because I’ve got a goodie for you…G-Star Raw has finally opened its doors at the Houston Galleria. For those that don’t know, G-Star RAW are denim pioneers honey! They originated the concept of 3D denim while establishing a dedication to raw, untreated denim, which has earned them a strong following worldwide. Last week they kicked things off in the city with a fabulous VIP reception at the store; which gave us an opportunity to check out the store and what they had to offer.

The store was merchandised nicely and we love the fact that they offer customize jeans. Yes you read correctly, CUSTOMIZED JEANS! Ladies and gentlemen, you can pick everything from the rivets, buttons, and tabs. The one negative with the customized jeans is you can currently only get them in raw denim. Huh (in my Scooby Doo voice)! Who in the heck can get into that denim with no stretch? There was a lady that was about a size 2 with a much smaller booty than mine, looking dazed and confused as well. From that moment on I made it my duty to please all of our booties (do you guys remember what movie that phrase came from?); sorry I will focus. But I seriously went on a mission to find out which pairs of their jeans had any kind of stretch. Check out the video below to see what I discovered…

Felice "Swanky Girl" Sloan

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