For so long, many have followed the rule of “not wearing white after Labor Day.” Being the go-against-the-grain person that I am (I have to keep things a tad bit interesting), I think that some rules are meant to be broken. The idea of not wearing white after Labor Day is a thing of the past that is not only IN this season, but it is also a great fall/winter option. The import, however, lies in wearing the white appropriately for the season.

In my opinion, wearing a nice tailored slim fit jean with a Fall appropriate colored blazer is the easiest way to incorporate white into your “after Labor Day” attire. Personally, I’m a fan of tweed and herringbone patterns so I will typically wear brown or navy blue. Brighter colors are usually more for Spring and Summer, so you would want to stick to darker, richer colors that’ll help warm up the white, for a lack of better words. Wearing a more neutral shirt also helps the outfit seem more fitting for the Fall season.


Navy Herringbone Blazer (TopMan), Gray Blazer (TopMan), Jeans (Ralph Lauren)

I’m somewhat addicted to brown so I find it easy to always play off of that color scheme. The shoes and the accessories that you wear help add to the cool factor and personal touch. A patterned necktie or bowtie from General Knot, a simple but classic timepiece from Daniel Wellington, and a sophisticated-cool pair of slippers from Stubbs and Wootton would be some of my ideal choices. The most important accessory, of course, is confidence. Regardless of any rules or personal opinions, no one can deny a confident well-dressed gent.

Brown Slipper (Stubbs and Wooton), Gray Slipper (Stubbs and Wooton), Watch (Daniel Wellington)

As you try to incorporate wearing white this Fall, remember some of these tips. Keep it simple and remember it’s all in the details. The thought that white is a pre-Labor Day color should be a thing of the past, but remember it’s all in HOW you wear white. Keep in mind what colors work well with your skin tone and always dress appropriately for the occasion.

Your personal style is just that… personal! I’ve given you a couple of points that I like to keep in mind when wearing white during the Fall, but the real treat is seeing how you do it yourself! With many social, charitable, and fashion events coming up, you will have many opportunities to give it a try! If you are still unsure, just make it a point to try something new; change up your personal style this season and go against the grain! For more inspiration, check out

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