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Norman and Rachelle Clark, owners of the online reclaimed vintage apparel company, MAW SUPPLY, search high and low for rare, beautifully-aged pieces that exude style and individuality.

I had the chance to chat with this Houston couple about growing a brand and their vision for vintage fashion.

Photo by Lauren Zoe

Q. Tell the people who don’t know a bit about MAW SUPPLY, who you are and how it all started?
A. It all came about over a phone conversation in 2012. Around that time, we were heavy into thrifting and were becoming more and more fascinated with the amount of unique hand-me-downs that we came across. We loved the feeling of nostalgia to the point of being inspired to share that same feeling with as many people as possible. Rachelle initiated the idea of creating a resale apparel business, and we immediately began to bounce ideas off one another.  A few weeks later, we established our name, MAW SUPPLY (MAN & WOMAN). With that being said, MAW was created out of pure love and passion, with a purpose to bring vintage wear back into the forefront of everyday attire.

Q. How do you think your styles complement each other?
A. Truly, our inspiration comes from one another. Our interests are so different, yet we mesh so well because we understand each other. Rachelle has shown me how to embrace more color into my wardrobe, while she’s slowly adopting my sense of simplicity and functionality. Our individuality inspires us to create fun ideas, and just as our relationship grows stronger each day, so does MAW SUPPLY.

Photo by Willie Vance

Q. What artists/music/designers inspire you?
A. We’re mostly inspired by our creative peers and people of color that are utilizing their gifts in transformative ways. Those who are working towards doing what they love no matter the obstacle.


Q. What are your plans for the future in regards to your clothing line and generally?
A. Last October, we released an original collection of socially conscious t-shirt designs called “Hindsight Bias” that have been getting great responses. We plan to do more original designs, cut-and-sew pieces and possibly introduce another line within the next year and beyond. We’re constantly working towards expanding MAW SUPPLY into a bigger business and a more recognizable brand. We want people to see our clothes on someone at a market or in an editorial and say, “Yeah, that’s MAW SUPPLY.”

Q. Ultimate style tip?
A. It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it. Do you. Be you.



To see more and shop MAW SUPPLY click here.

Brianna Drisdale


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