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Owner Anna Wilson

It’s no secret that scarves are one of my favorite accessories of all time! So last year when Houston based Manoosh opened up and introduced the world to their GAWJUS collection of scarves I fell in love. Owner Anna Wilson, who was born into the textile business, had no plans to follow in the family business until her love for art and a great idea kind of got things in motion. Recently, I got a chance to visit her at her Houston studio and play and talk scarves. Check out some pictures from my day and a few questions that I had to ask…

Q. Please tell us how Manoosh was born?

A. Manoosh emerged quite naturally after I fawned over Marilyn Biles’s paintings when visiting my fiancés family over the holidays. My family has been in the textile business for generations, so it was just a perfect fit.

Q. Where did you draw inspiration from with this current collection?

A. When you see Marilyn’s work translated on to fabric, it’s hard not to be inspired. It’s also hard to narrow down the collection! This year we decided to bring both her brightest, more colorful pieces in as well as add darker and natural-toned paintings. We wanted to hit both sides of the spectrum.

Some cool pillows that we may see in 2016…fingers crossed

Q. What can we expect in the future from Manoosh?

A. We’re barely a year old, so we have a lot on our bucket list! This spring we’re bringing in a new artist who works primarily in watercolor and we’re testing out new fabric blends with silk, linen, and cotton. Digital printing is advancing every few months it seems, so we’re testing out new technology to see how to perfectly transpose the canvas to each scarf.

Q. What are some of your favorite fashion trends for Fall/Winter 2015?

A. Fall 2015 is the first season in years that has excited me. There’s just so much range and uniqueness to each collection that a person can really pick-and-choose pieces that help to establish their own personal style. Personally, I’m loving the boho 70’s looks– I just bought some McGuire orange high-waisted flares from Julie Rhodes (they still have a few left!) that are pretty much the best thing ever. I’m also loving that thigh-high boots are getting a make-under with earthy suedes and lower heels.

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