When Urban Swank was asked to take part in a fashion show on Great Day Houston by the fashion icon and consultant, Roz Pactor, we were surely not going to turn down the opportunity. Who would miss the chance to “rip the runway”!

Working with fellow fashionista and fashion blogger, Julie Bortnick, the assignment was to find a dress that both incorporated sequin and represented my style. With a holiday fashion show aimed at showcasing sequin in all its sparkle and glory, Roz wanted me to sport something that was sequined from head to toe. Sounds easy right…well, not so much.

There was one small dilemma…I am a curvy girl. Straight cut sequin dresses really don’t work for my body type, and although my waist is tiny, everything else is not. I knew I needed something that offered a little bit of stretch.

My first option was mostly sequin that flowed into a silk bottom. It was super cute, but the back of the dress was not too forgiving and the top was too tight. I had to pass on this one; although I loved the 60’s feel. All I needed was a feather in my hair!

The next one was cute on the rack, but not so cute on. Even though it did have a hint of stretch, I needed more in the hip area. The reverse sequin was pretty cool.

My last choice ultimately became the winning outfit. Can you say “va va va voom”. Yes honey – this fit me in all the right places! Thank you Nicole Miller.

Check out a few candid (and not so candid) shots from behind the scenes and the show. A special thanks to Julie and Roz for thinking of us too! You ladies rock!

Shanna Jones

Shanna is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food and travel.


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