Ladies, I’ve got a serious question for you…did y’all know that Lucho Houston has their own line of ladies shoes? No, I did not bump my head, and yes, I know it’s a men’s clothing store! Well get this – about 2 years ago owner Hector Villareal launched Lucho’s women’s shoe line.

There’s been little promotion or advertising of the line, because Hector wanted to have what he calls a “learning period”.  He gave himself 2 years, which equates to 4 collections, to make sure his processes were in place and perfected from the design concept to having the shoes in the store. 

When we visited at the end of last year we took a few moments to pick his brain about the current collection and what’s next for the shoe line…

Q. What was most important for you when deciding to make a women’s shoe line?

A. The first thing for me was to make sure they were comfortable; and since I have an engineering background, I did a little studying of the bio-mechanics of orthopedic shoes and what made them so comfortable. The next thing for me was to make sure they were not only comfortable, but also that they were pretty shoes. As a man, I know what I like to see a woman wearing, so aesthetics was very important.

Q. Where are the shoes made?

A. They are all designed in Houston by me, and then they are manufactured in Brazil. We’ve contracted with 2 factories over there to get the shoes made. The attention to detail was key for us; because we wanted to produce a well-made shoe each and every time we put out a collection.

Q. What was your inspiration for this Fall/Winter collection?

A. It was mostly inspired by my Haley Davidson motorcycle, and I also designed a pair of red shoes in this collection for friends and customers that belong to the Ferrari Club of Houston.

Q. What’s next for the shoe line?

A. The next step for us is to launch women’s shoe boutiques.

The shoes range in size from 4-11, and vary in styles to continue that comfortable pretty shoe thing Lucho’s has going on; because as Villarreal points out, “every style of shoe does not work with everyone’s feet”. I fell in LOVE with the shoes and wanted about 3 pair; see the photos below to see the pair I ended up getting.

The Spring/Summer 2014 collection is due in stores any day, so make sure to stop by and check them out. Oh, and if you buy the first pair of any style from a new collection the shoe will be named after you!


Until soon…Toodles !

~Felice “Swanky Girl” Sloan

Felice "Swanky Girl" Sloan

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