Halloween is one of those holidays that was cool as a kid and is just as cool as an adult! Sure we’ve traded things like going trick or treating for going pub crawling/bar hopping, or those plastic masks for face-paints. But going to haunted houses, attending Halloween themed parties, and getting dressed-up in fun costumes has not changed. This year I thought about what could make my Halloween the most fun EVER, and I came up with a few things that will take it from good to great!

Feeling myself…a sexy costume

Getting dressed up is the best part of Halloween if you ask me. I love the entire process of deciding what I want to be and selecting the costume. The challenging part in years past has been finding the right costume to make the vision a reality. This year I’ve decided to do something different and select the costume first, no brainstorming what I want to be and then finding a costume. The only thing I’ve deciding going in is I want it to be kind of sexy. Yes, I want a sexy costume people and I know the perfect place to get it…3 Wishes.com. They are a mecca of sexy costumes, since sexy costumes is not just a Halloween thing! Okay that’s another post for another day, but thought I’d add it in for those with inquiring minds. How can you not love a shop that knows their product and backs it with confidence…When you want to enjoy the hottest Halloween ever, you’re in the right place. Offering the best in sexy Halloween costumes for this year’s ghoulish party, 3 Wishes can help you find exactly what you need. Whether you have your heart set on being a sultry witch or a smoking hot devil, our selection offers it all.” This helped seal the deal on using them for my costume selection. Additionally they have great prices! I’ve compared them to some of the places that would charge double and in some cases triple the price just to rent a Halloween costume.

Here are a few of the 3 Wishes costumes that I’m currently considering:

Mystery Solver Costume

Pirates of the Caribbean Angelica Costume

Toon Wife Costume

Make-up on fleek

To complete my look I will get my make-up done professionally. Think about it – this is what they do as a profession. How much better would I look as a skeleton if I let a professional make-up artist give me a Halloween beat (for those that don’t know, when a make-up artist beats your face that’s a good thing)?!?!

All dressed and someplace to go

Each year I do the same thing and attend a friend’s Halloween party. This year in the spirit of kicking things up a notch, I’m going to add something new to the mix. There’s a plethora of stuff going on for Halloween and I will make sure I find at least two cool new things to do. I’m thinking a haunted house and a costume party!

Hope this has inspired you to do something new and to spice up your Halloween look just a bit this year.


This article has been created in collaboration with and financial support from 3 Wishes, however, the opinions expressed are our own.

Felice "Swanky Girl" Sloan

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