Would you rather have loved and lost, or never have loved at all? Those were my initial thoughts as I browsed through several pages on a fashion rental site looking for the perfect designer bag to match the little black number I had just rented. See, this was going to be one of my few outings as an expecting mom, and I was set on knocking it out of the park! Never in a million years did I think I would ever rent anything unless we are talking about a movie, jet skis while vacationing in Mexico, or a vehicle when my car is in the shop. But when it comes to fashion, you can just about rent everything. From sunglasses to bags, accessories, and even designer maternity dresses, online stores are giving the people what they want, and in some cases, for as long as they want it.


I ran across a company, Endless Eyewear (by DITTO), and I was immediately drawn to their concept. Who rents sunglasses? Ummm, moi. After spending hundreds of dollars online shopping just to receive a pair of sunglasses that look just awful on my face, this idea was perfect. For $24 a month ($34 for prescription), you can rock their collection of both designer prescription glasses and designer sunglasses from trendy brands like Elizabeth and James, Givenchy, and Lanvin. Then, when you need a hot new pair of aviators for your weekend in Las Vegas, you can swap them out for some new specs.


The ability to rent maternity clothing is like the most awesome idea ever! I absolutely did not want to spend a ton of money on maternity clothes when I was pregnant. But seven months in, changes were a coming. Nothing fit and I was nearing the winter season and attempting to button my existing jacket over my growing midsection was laughable. Who wants to spend $100 on a winter coat to wear only a couple months? Introducing Mine for Nine, my lifesaver. With Mine for Nine, you can borrow most items an entire month, and if you want to keep it longer, you will just be charged for another 30 days. I liked the fact that you were renting per item and not restricted to a monthly charge where you can only rent one item at a time. In addition to coats and jackets, they have a great selection of suits, work-appropriate attire, and evening gowns.


The last designer bag I purchased was a Louis Vuitton. And even though I LOVE this bag, I can’t bring myself to spend that kind of money to purchase another one. I mean, it’s bad enough that I have a watch addiction. So, without falling victim to another expensive habit, I’ve looked into some fashion rental sites that give you the option to rent designer bags, shoes, jewelry, hats, and a ton of other accessories. Like Rent The Runway who offers two plans: one that allows you to rent for a specific timeframe and an unlimited option. Or, one that’s been around since I can remember, Bag Borrow or Steal. They offer a massive selection where you can borrow a designer bag in one-month increments or buy it and add it to your permanent collection.

Rentals are perfect for someone looking to try out a new look, sport a fancy new bag, or forego the cost of temporary maternity clothing with zero commitments. And who will know anyway? It’ll be our little secret.


Images by www.madame-ostrich.com, istock.com/halfpoint, www.aloyallove.com

Shanna Jones

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