Putting aside my preference for bulky and sometimes over the top watches, when it comes to other components of my accessory ensemble I’d rather more feminine and dainty pieces.

Michael Hill, a jeweler focusing on unique and distinctive pieces, caught my eye with their Emma & Roe collection. Of the over 10 collections, this one highlights charms, stacked rings, and other really cool keepsakes. I remember how popular charms were when I was younger and how excited I was to get a new piece every Christmas (or birthday). Emma & Roe shows that charms are just as popular now as they were for us back then. They tell a story, they show off your personality and style, they give you creative freedom, and they allow you to go bold and stand out or lay low with an everyday-for-every-outfit option.

Just as my wardrobe has changed over the years, so has my jewelry. And as my jewelry case has expanded to include bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, I’ve grown to appreciate my ability to create a multitude of looks by swapping out a piece here and there. There is nothing more fitting than grabbing a few rings and layering a few small bracelets and even necklaces to add a little finesse to your OOTD.

With Emma & Roe, you can choose from over 680 charms and layered bracelets, or choose a lineup of rings that go well as a solo artist or as a band. Their jewelry comes in silver, gold, diamonds, leather or handcrafted Italian glass so you can create as much as your imagination can withstand.

Here are a few I have that are the initial pieces of my Michael Hill and Emma & Roe collections…

This article has been created in collaboration with and with financial support from Amblique/Michael Hill.

Shanna Jones

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