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Kamica Hampton embodies the very thing that is most important in the world of fashion – a passion for self-expression. Not only does Kamica Hampton have an artistic eye for all things haute, but she is also a personal friend. Way before her journey as a shoe designer began, she never rocked anything less than a pair of knock-em-dead stilettos. If you are like many women, you are a firm believer in the power of your shoe game. It can make or break an outfit, make a powerful statement, and turn several heads.

Recently, I got an opportunity to chat with Kamica Hampton (who is currently in London taking her shoe game to new heights) to dish on all things shoes. We discussed her current line, her favorite trends, and what’s next for her brand.

Owner & Designer, Kamica Hampton

Tell our readers a little bit about you as a shoe designer and how your shoe line was born?

I’ve always been a lover of great shoes and I’m fascinated by the artistry and construction of a well-crafted shoe. I didn’t come from a legacy of shoemakers. However, I was raised by parents who always encouraged me to follow my dreams and never settle. So now, after years of admiration and appreciation I’m taking the leap and following my passion for beautiful shoes, and the desire to build a luxury shoe empire.

I was attracted to the creative side of the process of the shoe making business and have always felt this itch to step out on my own and create my own brand. Eventually, I was tired of rocking everyone else’s designs. I wanted to eventually see my name, Kamica Hampton, on the insole of a shoe and that’s what I set out to do without looking back. I design shoes for a broad spectrum of women and I believe that no matter your style, you’ll find something in the first collection for you. The one thing that does define a Kamica Hampton woman is a boldness, a confidence and an unwillingness to compromise.

Courage by Kamica Hampton

From where did you draw inspiration with your current collection?

The first collection is called Instincts and is comprised of 9 complementary but diverse styles, each named after a character trait. For example, the audacious red suede cage boot I named “Courage” was inspired by the fact that prior to the release of the collection I had no formal experience in shoe design, it really took courage for me to believe I could do this. So, when I started designing it, I knew it had to be bold and sassy. The final result was hot red, 5-inch heel, with straps that go all the way to the knee. It’s brave, and it’s says so much about the woman who wears it.

By contrast “Faith” was inspired by my journey because regardless of how hard it was to get going, and how many bumps there were along the way, my faith sustained me. It was like a ray of sunshine. So, the “Faith” shoe, is this glorious bright yellow and it feels far more dainty, yet it has this undertone of strength and determination.

Power by Kamica Hampton

What are some of your favorite trends for 2017 and how will we see them reflected in your designs?

A lot of the Fall / Winter collections are showing textured camel nudes and vibrant reds, which is great because they’re such classic color palettes. I love classic, timeless style and I personally have a real taste for shoes that use high quality materials and authentic fabrics and skins. There’s something so luxurious about real python, real leather, and other exotic materials. I feel like the consumer can feel the difference when shoes are crafted with luxurious materials because the quality is better and they are timeless, surviving trends and lasting season after season.

Conquer by Kamica Hampton

Who are your favorite shoe designers and why?

Like any woman who loves shoes, I enjoy the classic shapes and silhouettes of the greats. Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik will always be legendary, but there are some great new designers emerging every day, proving that the industry can be accessible if you have enough determination and a great design. One that springs to mind is Amina Muaddi and the work she’s doing with Oscar Tiye. It’s all very interesting and I’d definitely be intrigued to see what comes next.

Grace by Kamica Hampton

What’s next for Kamica Hampton?

We’re working on the new collection, and whilst I can’t say too much, I’m really pleased with the direction things are going. I’ve taken a lot of my learnings from the first collection and used that to make the second even stronger and the range is shaping up to be diverse and vibrant. I can’t wait to share it.

Visit Kamica Hampton online to learn more about the brand and her current collection.

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