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Urban Swank Does: Glamping In North Shore Park

Sometimes you need a quick getaway to clear your head or maybe just for a change of scenery. Then there are the times when you and your peeps jump in the car for no reason at all; except to have a fun time and experience something new (insert the Urban Swank girls here)! That’s what happened recently when we set out on our first glamping adventure.For those that aren’t quite sure if that was a typo and we meant camping, you would be incorrect! Glamping is the glamorous version of traditional camping, which offers deluxe...

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Creative City: Leipzig’s Designer’s Open and Beyond

Since I’m a person that gets a rush in the presence of art in many different forms and am drawn to creatives like a moth to a flame, going to Leipzig during their annual Designer’s Open was a treat, but finding out that it’s a hub for all forms of art was the icing on the cake.[caption id="attachment_12978" align="aligncenter" width="863" alt="" height="1000"] An assortment of accessories from StayLight[/caption] Designers’ OpenIn October, Leipzig host two major international design events, GRASSIMESSE and Designer’s Open. We were lucky to be there and experience both; with the bulk of our...

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Exploring Houston’s Sister City: Leipzig

Celebrating 25 years of partnership, Houston and Leipzig are two wonderful cities that share many similarities. Although both are unique in their own ways, what they do have in common is a passion for the arts, delicious food (plus great coffee), and a thriving community that anyone would love to call home. Since Leipzig may be new to some, let's highlight some great things about the second largest city in Eastern Germany (behind Berlin) that will undoubtedly show you why these sister cities have supported one another for many years.[caption id="attachment_12941" align="alignnone" width="768"] Walking inside...

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Will Travel For Food: Foodie Adventures in Portland

So when the Bon Appétit Presents Feast Portland came around for 2018, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to check Portland out for myself as well as seeing what the festival was all about! Over 20,000 attendees, 120 local and visiting chefs, as well as wineries, breweries, distilleries, cider makers, artisans and more, enjoyed over 40 different delicious events during the four-day festival.The four-day weekend kicked off on a Thursday with events including the 80s vs 90s main event. On Friday, there were several classes, drink tank panels, fun-sized events like Big Feast in Little...

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How To Get Your Grub On In Mexico City in 48 Hours

[caption id="attachment_12734" align="aligncenter" width="819"] Pujol Exterior[/caption]After a quick check-in into the Four Seasons, we jumped in an Uber and were in route to our 4 p.m. reservations at Pujol. This critically acclaimed restaurant is run by chef Enrique Olvera and is in the snazzy Polanco neighborhood. Well in advance of our visit, Felice booked an 11-course taco (and imbibe) experience. We kicked off our early evening with a Tamarind Margarita (which would become our new fave) and spent the next few hours noshing on more tacos than you would imagine a single visionary could create....

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What I Order When Visiting These 5 Houston BBQ Festival Spots

BBQ Platter & Sides

With one of my favorite BBQ events happening on April 15th (it would have happened by the time this is published), I decided to finally answer a question that I get asked all the time, “What do you order when you go to (insert a BBQ spot that I frequent)???” Now, this is usually hard for me to answer with anything besides, “It depends on the day!” I answer like that because it truly does depend on the day, the specials, how I’m feeling, the weather, and lots of other things that I’ll keep to...

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