In this edition, it’s all about sharing my top 5 beauty products for pregnant women. Now you know there is no way I was not going to look out for my favorite expectant mom – Urban Girl this is for you! If this is your first HAWT report let me give you the 411…I love sharing great finds, brainstorms, and really whatever the heck is on my mind! Sometimes many of these things and ideas are pretty HAWT and even thought provoking (go figure). Since I do have my own little space in the world to share, I figured why the hell not share with some of my favorites peeps…how freakin’ lucky are you?!?! The HAWT Report provides great fashion finds, cool gadgets, health and beauty must-haves, exciting trends, and whatever else I feel fits!

Lush Hair Hennas

Pregnant woman need great hair color options too! So I’m loving Lush Hair Hennas for the task. They provide natural looking color that does not strip the hair.

Scotch Nail Polish

Scotch Naturals puts the color and sexy back into expectant mothers lives with their amazing nail lacquers that are nature-based, fragrance, toxin, paraben and phthalate free. So how are they able to do it?!?! They use NaturaLaq technology, a nature-based lacquer, which is the safest and most luxurious product of its kind.

Bump Gloss Oil for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Dare I say it?!?! Yes I must…STRETCH MARKS. Some woman are very lucky because they don’t get them; and to those woman we say, “Ummm…we kinda hate you!” For the majority this will not be the case, and you’ll need something to help with them. Usher in Bump Gloss Oil for Pregnancy Stretch Marks. This oil will help increase the elasticity and prevent them from occurring.

Dr. Hauschka – Almond St. John’s Wort Body Oil

Time to relax and let your skin be soothed and get invigorated. That is what the cold-pressed almond and sunflowers oils of Almond St. John’s Wort Soothing Body Oil offers. This one is organic and free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, mineral oils, parabens, and silicones.

Ren Guérande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm

Massages and many of the body scrub products aren’t recommended during pregnancy. However this body scrub by Ren Guerande is an exception. This product is made of 100% plant and mineral ingredients, plus there are no synthetics in it. It works on dry skin or when massaged into the skin. AS an added bonus it can be used on sensitive skin without irritating it.


Until soon…Toodles!

~Felice “Swanky Girl” Sloan

Felice "Swanky Girl" Sloan

Felice is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food, beauty, and fashion.


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