We are only a few weeks away from 2017. I know many of you are planning to get fit and lose weight starting January 1st. But why put off tomorrow what you can do today? Think about it…we have Christmas and New Year’s eating still ahead of us in the next two weeks; why not try to keep the weight under control and get a head start on the New Year’s resolution exercising and fitness plan a few weeks earlier!

To get a kick-start on feeling better and looking better, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Orangetheory Studio in Webster, which will officially open this Friday, December 23rd. They happen to know a thing or two about getting healthy and fit. So we asked head trainer Tommy DiFruscio for a few tips for keeping holiday weight off.

Tip #1:

During the holidays, we tend to eat and drink more than we normally do, so if you want to get a kick-start on your weight loss, incorporate more physical activity each day. Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator, or try parking your car away from the front door of a store. Every little bit of exercise counts! And if you have the time, workout twice a day to combat the sweets and treats the holiday season brings, but make sure to not do the same type of exercise twice. Your muscles need time to heal! Cardio twice a day is great, but resistance training needs to focus on different muscle groups each time.

Tip #2:

This time of year can be very stressful, but making exercise a priority during the holidays is crucial. Plan your workouts ahead of time. Sit down with your schedule or planner, then set aside times to work out. Exercising on a regular basis will actually help you manage stress as exercising releases endorphins and improves your mood. It also helps you sleep better, providing you more energy throughout the day!

Tip #3:

Maintain your fitness routine, even if you’re traveling this holiday season. If you are used to working out in the morning, then continue to do that. For those who are traveling, make sure you pack workout attire and running shoes, then research park trails or running paths ahead of time. Go on a family walk or run in the morning and after dinner.

Tip #4:

Keep your indulgences to a minimum. An indulgence is okay, but don’t make it a habit. If you’re craving a sweet treat, remember to savor your splurges and each bite. The second treat will taste the same as the first; don’t overindulge!

Tip #5:

Holiday parties always have tempting snacks, appetizers, and drinks, so before you attend a holiday party, eat a small meal that includes protein, vegetables, some fat and starch. This will curb your appetite and help keep you from overeating. Limit your alcohol intake at parties and social gatherings as well. When you drink alcohol, you are more likely to overeat as it lowers your inhibitions.

To get more fitness tips and information about Orangetheory Fitness Webster or to find a location near you visit www.orangetheoryhouston.com.

Felice "Swanky Girl" Sloan

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