One of my favorite workouts would have to be indoor spin. When many folks think of a spin class they think of the old school classes that were led by an instructor and you pretty just much rode the bike; okay well add in the few times you stood up (came out the saddle) and maybe you added hand weights. This is not the type of spin class I am referring to or even like (no offense to anyone that does). I’m talking about the new age spin classes that have you up and down on the bike, dancing, doing push-ups, and then some, all while listening to great music. These types of spin studios and classes are popping up all over Houston affording the opportunity for all to take part in a high-energy and high-calorie burning spin class.

Just finished a booty burning ride with my girls at Revolution Studio 

One of my personal favorite studios is Revolution Studio, which just added a third location to their mix. I love them because they have great instructors and the classes get the job done. I think they say it best when they say, “Because here, we’re not just working out, we’re transforming. Physically, mentally, and spiritually.” Which is exactly how I feel every time I go there for a class!

As I mentioned they just opened a third location, and this time they are offering spin and yoga; and yes at the same damn time. So you are sure to burn some major calories in these back to back sessions. So with this I knew I had a few questions for Kim Syma (she and husband Mitch are the owners).

Q. I hear you are offering more than just spin at this new location, can you tell us what can we expect?

A. You can expect vinyasa flow based classes of varying heat levels set to incredible music. The classes are designed to stand alone or pair with cycling classes. Our yoga classes, just like our cycling classes, are for all levels; from first-timers to advanced practitioners. Yoga classes vary between 45 minutes and 1 hour and our class schedule has been designed so that you can easily take a cycling class and then move on to a yoga class. We playfully call this combination “hustle and flow”. First, you get your hustle on with cycling and then get your flow on with yoga. These two 45 minute classes are the perfect combination of cardio, strength, core work, flexibility, and spirituality. At Revolution you have the option to take cycling or yoga individually or combine the two classes for a total mind-body experience.

Q.What sets Revolution apart from other spin studios?

A.Two important elements set Revolution apart; our community and our instructor training program. Building a strong sense of community is at the core of the Revolution experience. From the moment our guests step inside, they become a part of something larger than themselves. We’ve heard from many guests that even just walking in the door, before the music even starts or the lights go down, feels like you’re walking into a party with old friends. Our classes are designed to create an inclusive environment where everyone becomes part of a pack that rides together, sweats together and transforms together.  Our community grows every day and it has really become more like a family. In every class, we embrace and overcome challenges and, more importantly, we make a point to celebrate individual successes as one.

Our instructors are our other differentiating factor. The Revolution instructor training program is a 12 week rigorous program unlike any other in Houston. The amount of time we spend training our instructors to set them up for success is unmatched and we are quite selective in who we bring into the program. Our instructors are extremely passionate and committed to transforming the lives of our guests. Every instructor is highly trained and super talented which makes choosing classes at Revolution easy because every instructor on the schedule delivers the same consistent Revolution experience using their own unique voice.

A few more new spin studios that are worth checking out and that are on my faves list:


1911 W Alabama St.
Houston, TX 77098
(832) 925-7473

 Ryde Instructors getting ready for class

Ryde Houston

1911 W Alabama St.
Houston, TX 77098
(832) 925-7473 

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