Items I purchased from the M.A.C. X Nicki Minaj Nude Collection

If you hadn’t noticed nude lips are all the rage for Fall! Being a girl that loves a great nude lippie this makes me quite happy. If we are really going to be honest the whole au naturale and nude makeup look has been hot long before Fall! As a result, many brands have reacted and answered the demand by adding new shades of nudes in their lines and new brands catering to “the love of nudes” have popped up!

Being one that has had incredible nudes in their collection forever, M.A.C. Cosmetics continues to take them to the next level this time by collaborating with Nicki Minaj on a nudes collection. Can we talk about how much I’m here for this collaboration?!?! From the pink packaging to the fun product names, this collection is giving me LIFE with no parole. There are two Nicki suggestive shades, The Pinkprint & Nicki’s Nude, that she custom designed for the brand.

Both are super pigmented and are in the Amplified finish. The Nicki’s Nude is a pinky beige, which gives a soft coral pink. The Pinkprint is a mid-tone creamy pink. On light to medium toned individuals, these would provide more of a true nude look. On me with my darker skin tone and supported by lips lined with a tonal colored liner, it gives me that sophisticated nude-ish look I go for on some days. So for my purchase, I opted for Nicki’s Nude.

Lippies from the M.A.C. x Nicki Minaj Nude Collection

As an added bonus, MAC included 24 additional lipsticks and lipglasses to the collection. What makes this fab is there is likely a nude hue in the collection that will get you to that true nude look you seek. For me that color would be Derrière; I can rock it with or without a liner!

Being a lover of nude lips, I also purchased these other items from the collection…


Lip Glass

Lip Pencil

Lip Glass lippes from the M.A.C. x Nicki Minaj Nude Collection

For me, this is a beautiful collection, and I really am enjoying the items I purchased. Will any these nudes make my top 10 favorite nude lippies??? The jury is still out on that, so stay tuned for that article to see what makes the cut!

Have you tried any of the Nicki Minaj X MAC Nude Collection? If so, let me know your favorite color and how you rock it!

Until soon…Toodles

~Felice “Swanky Girl” Sloan

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