When the opportunity to have my hair dyed a pastel color presented itself to me, I had only one rhetorical question: “why not?” If you’ve thought about it or are currently considering getting some kind of funky dye job, I enthusiastically say “do it!” Do it because it is fun, do it because it makes you look and feel unique and do it because, heck – you only live once! And do consider these five tips before you make the dye-ve:

1. Make sure you’re allowed to dye your hair a crazy color

There are a lot of people that can or may prohibit you from dyeing your hair neon orange. Your employer, school, spouse, or parental units may disown you if you decide to venture off the normal black-brown-red-blonde hair color spectrum. Assuming that you don’t want to be disowned by any of the above, verify that rainbow hair colors won’t dig you into a big, black hole with any relevant parties.

2. Choose the right hair color for you

Think about what color you want to dye your hair. Are you imagining a new bright fuchsia ‘do’? Perhaps a purple hue at the tips of your hair, or bright turquoise streaks spread throughout? Whatever it may be, consult a colorist to find the right color for you – something that goes well with your complexion, and most importantly – something that your current hair color will be able to soak up. Make sure you and your colorist are on the same page about how bright you want to color to be, and the feasibility of that happening.

3. Know how long your coloring will last

Knowing how long to expect your color to stay in can save you from any disappointments (mine washed out after about 4 days, and I was pretty sad). If the color washes out after a couple of days, are you okay with being left penniless and devoid of color? Looking ahead at how long your dye job will last can also prevent awkward situations like being a bridesmaid with polychromatic locks in that wedding you’re going to be in in two months time.

4. Decide what will happen post funky hair dyeing

Eventually, you’ll need to re-dye your hair, especially if you’re coloring your whole head (there’s these thing called roots that will look super unattractive if you don’t care for them). Contemplate if you want colorful hair for a long time, or maybe just for a short period. I, for instance, opted to dye only the tips of my hair so that when I got tired of it, I could just chop it all off. If I hadn’t thought about that beforehand and I had died my whole head, I would’ve had to spend more money to dye my hair back to “normal.”

5. Find the right hair-care products

Like it or not, dyeing you hair will damage your hair. The right hair products will help you care for and style your hair without inflicting any more damage. Research a good shampoo, conditioner, styling product, and perhaps a dry shampoo, too, that is a positive fit for your hair style and budget. Have them handy whenever you’ve had your hair dyed and are ready to rock the world with your new ‘do’.


Full disclosure: The nice people at Fringe Salon & Color Bar were looking for a hair model to perfect their color techniques on, and I volunteered to be a guinea pig, which is how and why I ended up dyeing my hair. I’m super glad that I did; it was a fun adventure and, as you can see, I learned a lot from it!

Carla Gomez

February 15, 2014


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