Sheet masks are the latest obsession along my journey to great skin, and these delicate sheets pack a strong punch!

Just in case you’re not familiar with facial sheet masks, they are face-shaped sheet fabrics soaked in nutrition-packed serum. The beauty product originates from South Korea and contains amino acids and vitamins that improve the skin’s health and appearance. More recently, sheet masks have been adopted in the States as a ‘must-have’ because they are inexpensive, fast-acting and easy to use. After doing some research, I was ready to give it a try and purchased a 30-pack of Bon Vivant sheet masks for $30 from online Korean beauty site, Memebox. They suggest applying one mask a day for two weeks straight, but I thought that may be too much for my oily skin, and used the masks twice a week for three months instead. Feel free to alter the recommendation to suit your skin’s needs.

The set includes six different types of 100% botanical fiber sheet masks, all with “concentrated superfood essences that soak into your skin to address a variety of skin concerns on a daily basis.” You get five of each mask, and they are currently not sold separately. This set also comes with two bonus masks, that vary by product and a cat headband. Each mask has its own light, delicate scent, and is SUPER juicy with a luscious serum that doesn’t leave your skin shiny the next day. The masks adhered to my face really well, though a little ill-fitting for my full features. Overall, I was so impressed with the results, all of these masks left my skin looking radiant and amazing!

Here’s a breakdown of, and my experience with each mask:

Fave! Chamomile + Tea Tree
Great for: Oily and clogged skin
I liked this mask so much because my face felt cleaner, calmer and tighter.

Niacinamide + Lime
Great for: Dull and problematic skin
My skin was brighter and smoother after using this one.

Adenosine + Acai
Great for: Tired and damaged skin
This mask was the most gentle, had a great scent, and left my skin feeling energized.

FAVE Madecassoside + Mugwort
Great for: Stressed and sensitive skin
This mask was life! My skin was transformed into glowy goodness instantly, love it!

Collagen + Olive
Great for: Tired and aging skin
If dry skin is your plight, this is the mask for you because it was the most moisturizing. Not a personal favorite but my skin STILL looked great the next day.

Sodium Hyaluronate + Lotus
Great for: Tired and dry skin
I liked how dewy and supple my skin was after using this mask

Final thoughts:
Simply put, sheet masks are WORTH adding to your beauty regimen, I’ve seen the appearance and health of my skin improve a lot! This was my first time trying sheet masks of course, but I have to seriously recommend this particular brand to you. These masks by Bon Vivant were so light and pleasant on my skin, I think they would work great for anyone.

Brianna Drisdale


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